Business philosophy

For any kind of energy-related concerns our clients face, we always try to find the best and most practical solutions based on our knowledge and experience.
Our business is not limited to research, study, and planning; we also implement energy-saving and renewable-energy projects of our own. The experience we gain as a result of completing projects gives us practical tips and makes our plans and studies more realistic.
Changing things by making the most of the study results is our company policy.

Our services

 Planning for Local Revitalization

– Renewable energy commercialization plan
– GHG emission reduction plan
– Energy-saving plan

We are not limited to the above and make various energy-related plans for local governments, communities, and companies. The problems they face sometimes look similar, but there are many specific issues depending on the locality. We do not rely solely on statistics and theories but investigate the actual situation and analyze the problems to formulate a local-fit plan. We believe local energy utilization can be key to any local revitalization plan.

 Planning of Renewable Energy Installation

We analyze regional renewable energy potential and create a realistic plan to install renewable energy sources such as small hydropower, biomass (wood- or waste-based), PV, and others.

 Energy Saving Planning and Installation

We created energy-saving plans for commercial buildings and factories. Depending on client requests, different proposals and options are available in consideration of economic efficiency and energy-saving performance.
Also, public subsidy projects can be used for installing highly efficient equipment, but expertise on energy conservation is required for the application. Support for eveything from the application process to the accomplishment report, such as planning, calculation of the energy-saving amount, and making a final report, can be provided upon request.

We also offer ESCO service. We conduct entire processes from planning to the maintenance after installation and replacement. It includes the following:
– planning of facility renewal
– calculation of the energy-saving amount
– application for a subsidy program
– installation and replacement of the equipment
– verification of the effect
– maintenance and inspection of the equipment
– guarantee for the planned cost reduction
We have strengths in offering the ESCO service to small and medium-sized companies.

 NZEB (net-zero energy building) Planner

NZEB (net-zero energy building) is a building designed to reduce the energy consumption to 50% or less against the set standard.
By implementing NZEB design and receiving NZEB certification together with the installation of equipment, the company can receive a public subsidy that covers up to 2/3 of the installation cost.
“ZEB Planner” is a qualified company that supports ZEB planning. Our company is also registered as “ZEB Planner.” We have strengths in proposing ZEB designs for old buildings and renewing the equipment.

 Energy Measurement & Research

To create an energy saving plan, it is necessary to know how much energy is used for each purpose. We measure energy usage and check the conditions of a building in detail to identify areas where energy is wasted so that these areas can be addressed.

The energy usage measurement can monitor hundreds of appliances and is updated every minute. This can be viewed via the Internet at the client’s convenience.
We also have experience in measuring and improving the energy consumption environment of small- and medium-sized buildings.

 Energy Saving Lecture

We offer energy saving lectures in English. The most popular theme is “Energy saving methods and technologies that are used in Japanese buildings and factories.”